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On September 11th, we welcomed Pastor Leah Kabira as Pastor,   and we are excited for what lies ahead . . .

I believe that God loves everyone – no exceptions, and I am privileged to serve in a faith community that strives to love God and people by welcoming everyone just as they are – no exceptions.

I grew up in Montana and have lived in a few different states and in Japan.  Most recently, I lived in the Chicago suburb of Naperville.  Like many folks here at Community Church, I found my way to the United Church of Christ (UCC) denomination after having explored other theological paths.  In my case, that means that I attended Lutheran, non-denominational, Episcopal, and Mennonite churches.  I also spent about ten years during my young adulthood avoiding church altogether.

Now, as a UCC pastor, I engage the world, our Christian traditions, and the Bible from a theologically progressive standpoint.  I take the Bible quite seriously and endeavor to follow Jesus’ teachings and example in my life.  My relationship with God forms the core of my identity.  I delight in helping people develop and deepen their relationships with this God of love and justice, grace and peace.

Other parts of my identity include being the mother of two engaging young adults, a friend to people from various walks of life, a (very amateur) musician, and a lover of music and theater.  I have also enjoyed bicycle racing, rock climbing, hiking, and whitewater rafting – though these are not regular pursuits at the moment.

If you seek a community where you will be known and loved, where you will be invited to know and love God and other people, where you will be companioned in the challenges and joys of a life of Christian faith, and where you will enjoy excellent potluck food, come join us.

You are welcome here.

Leah Kabira