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    Adult Membership Class

    Pastor Jeff will hold a class for any adults wishing to become members of Community United Church of Christ, or any current member wishing to learn more.  Classes will be held on August 16, September 20, and October 18 at 10:30am.  Each class will be 90 minutes and will discuss topics of individual spiritual journey and our understanding of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, the church, the Bible, and sacraments of baptism and communion; the history and mission of CUCC; and the history and formation of the United Church of Christ and its relationship to other Christian bodies.  There is a sign up sheet in the fellowship hall, or contact Pastor Jeff if you are interested in attending.


    Donate Shoes and Help End Thirst

    During the month of August, there will be a collection box located next to the church office to collect new and used shoes.  Any and ALL shoes are accepted.  Money from the sale of wearable shoes is used to help fund life-saving water projects all over the world!  For more information, visit the website:


    Picture Directory

    It has been a few years since our last pictorial directory, and since it is so nice to have faces to put with the names of our congregation, it is time to make another one!  There is no cost to you, or the church, to get pictures taken.  Each family who participates will receive a complimentary 8×10 portrait and a directory.  There will be an opportunity to purchase additional family photos, if you choose.  The best thing, however, is that anyone can come in to get their photos taken – friends, family, neighbors!  While they will not be in the directory, the more people we have take photos, the more “extra” pages we will receive for the directory.  So…sign up as many people as possible!  Pictures will be taken on August 17, 18, and 19.  You can sign up online, or choose and appointment time at church, starting Sunday, July 19th.  For online information, go to:


    Pumpkin Festival Float

    It is time to plan for our church’s Pumpkin Festival Parade float.  This year’s festival theme is: Pumpkins of the Caribbean.  (Think Pirates of the Caribbean) The Extension Board will organize the building times and place, as well as purchase the materials for the float, but volunteers are needed to help put it all together!  This is a great way to not only enjoy some fun and fellowship, but to show the community who we are!  Dates and times for construction will be announced for late August and early September.  We will also need a “crew” to walk in the parade on Saturday, September 19th,  to help show off our float!


    CORE Dinners

    Our 5th year of CORE will begin on September 23rd…the week AFTER Pumpkin Festival.  We will continue to provide a meal on these Wednesday nights.  It is a great service to our busy families, not to mention a great opportunity for fellowship with our church family.  The meal will be served from 6:00-6:30pm.

    We are asking for volunteers to host these meals.  All it takes is a few people to work together… family, a group of friends, a church board.  The meals can also be a simple or fancy as you like: mac ‘n cheese, chicken nuggets, tacos, spaghetti, or even ordering pizza or sandwiches.  There is a sign up sheet in the fellowship hall or contact Jenna Buffington or Amy Jones with any questions.  Thank you!


    Automatic Offering Deduction

    For 2015, CUCC is offering a new option to fulfill your annual pledge.  Beginning in January, you can have your monthly offering deducted automatically from your checking or savings account as per your instructions. There is no cost to you, or reduction in your giving, by choosing this process.  You can change or revoke your withdrawal at any time by contacting the church secretary.  If you want to sign up, or have any additional questions, please contact Julie Fanta in the church office, or Tom Hunsley at 263-0966.



    • August 30, 2015 9:00 AMWorship
    • September 1, 2015 10:00 AMBible Study
    • September 2, 2015 8:00 AMBulletin article Deadline
    • September 4, 2015 9:30 AMHeart of Morton
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