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Who we are


At Community United Church of Christ, "CUCC" for short,  we are people from a variety of faith backgrounds with different life experiences who come together to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We are very much like a family. We celebrate each other's joys and support each other through sorrows. We unintentionally hurt each other's feelings. We say we're sorry. We learn together and continue to grow in our faith. We try to put that faith into action by doing much for our community and the wider world. Some of us are active in many aspects of church life, some of us show up only occasionally. Some of us love traditions, some of us are always experimenting with new ideas. Together we strive to give a warm welcome to anyone who comes through the door. You are invited to be a part of this perfectly imperfect family.

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Open Minds.  Loving Hearts.  Serving Hands.


At CUCC, we strive to be open and welcoming to all people, regardless of who they are or where they are in their faith journey.  We are united through God's love and seek to share that love with others.  We are committed to reaching out by serving our community, and beyond. 

our covenant statement

We believe God is still speaking and calling us to love one another in new and deeper ways. The love of Jesus Christ welcomes everyone to participate fully in the life, leadership, sacraments and rites of Community United Church of Christ. Regardless of gender identity, race, age, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, economic circumstances, family configuration, or difference of ability, you are welcome here. Our faith community is strengthened by your presence.

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About UCC

We are a part of the UCC denomination, which was founded in 1957 when four traditions united to become one: Christians, Congregationalists, Evangelical, and Reformed. UCC is one of the most diverse denominations in the United States, and one of the most progressive. We are a denomination that values an open and affirming welcome of ALL persons.

There is no official denominational hierarchy within our churches, yet we are in mutual, willing covenant with one another through regional associations and conferences, believing that we can live together in communion even when we disagree.

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